Razumkov told how about his salary

In January he received 38 thousand hryvnia.

Chairman of the Verkhovna Rada Dmitry Razumkov January 2020 received 38 thousand UAH wages, reports the Chronicle.info with reference for Today.

Razumkov about it reported in a talk show on a Ukrainian TV channel.

If we talk in January, if I’m not mistaken, I got 38. Salary is really a bit increased taxes somewhere in the 3600, if I’m not mistaken, is in General, and from this subtract almost 20%. This increase compared to last year, “said Razumkov.

On the question of whether enough him and his family, the speaker said: “when I (for the position of head of the Verkhovna Rada – Ed.) went, to be honest, I’m quite a wealthy person, I have the funds. I knew what I was going, and maybe my life then will not match what I will receive in the future. However, it’s my choice, and I have enough“.

Earlier it was reported that the Cabinet wants to reduce the gap between the salaries of men and women. As you know, in some industries, women get 40% less than men.

We will remind, earlier Prime Minister Alexey Goncharuk said that the salaries of Ministers and their deputies will now range from three to five times the average salary. As you know, the average salary in December 2019 increased to 12 264 USD.

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