Joke of the day: Russians are frightened by Putin in the Elevator

Prancer gave a funny prank.

In the Elevator one of the buildings of Moscow Russian prankster hung a huge portrait of Russian President Vladimir Putin, reports the with reference to Browser.

The reaction of residents to a “surprise” cheered the network users. The corresponding video released on the YouTube channel “Blog Grandma”.

The author is the blogger Bashir Dokhov. He also posted in Elevator CCTV camera, saying that doing this to a portrait of “not stolen”.

The draw was attended by about 20 people of all ages. Most of them emotionally reacted to the “appearance” in the Elevator Putin.

“Your mother… Oh**Neli”, “really something, what the f**HB”, “Ah, Comedy”, “What fool is hanged?” “What the g*VNO? Oh, don’t say that”, “What the f*ck. Are you kidding me? But where to go, I don’t want this here to watch,” “This is the worst thing that could happen to our house after overhaul”, “Why is he here?” “Now he will draw horns and a mustache” – say the residents of apartment buildings.

One girl, laughing, was photographed on his knees before the image of Putin.

Another passenger for a long time, and silently looked at the portrait and just leaving the Elevator squeezed out of himself: “BL**K, n**Dec”.

At the end of the video portrait fell, scaring were in the Elevator man. He hung it back up.

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