Goncharuk promised to clean the sector of forestry of the corrupt

Confirmed complaints against the two officials in the Transcarpathian and Kharkiv regions.

The Ukrainian government has sacked two Directors of regional forestry – in Transcarpathia and Kharkiv region, reports the Chronicle.info with reference for Today.

This was announced by Prime Minister Alexey Goncharuk, who has previously promised that the embezzlement of Ukrainian forest thing of the past, in his Telegram channel on Saturday, February 8.

According to him, now in the state forestry Agency is a full audit of activities, and most importantly, began the process of cleansing the sector from corrupt officials, who will be brought to an end.

“Fired the head of the Transcarpathian forest and hunting economy Valeriy Murga – numerous complaints on him confirmed, so he was fired in the first place among the regional leaders,” – said Goncharuk.

He also announced the dismissal of the Director of GP hutyans’ke forestry Victor Sisi, the results of the validation activities which were “impressive”.

“The volume of illegal logging in the enterprise is estimated at 32 million state losses. The debts of the company 30 million Bogus information about ideal financial condition and purchase of vehicles without approval of the state forestry Agency. All this information handed over to law enforcement. Now they have to conduct a full investigation and those responsible held accountable”, – said Goncharuk.

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