Goncharuk announced a large construction site in the regions

From March in all regions will begin implementation of the program of Great construction.

The Prime Minister Alexey Goncharuk has instructed the heads of regional state administrations to prepare a plan with a list of facilities and roads to be built or renovated in the framework of a Large building, reports the Chronicle.info with reference to the Correspondent.

“The program the President of a Large construction kicks off on 1 March. We start large-scale construction and repair of schools, kindergartens, foster departments of hospitals, stadiums and roads across the country,” — said Goncharuk.

He promised the government to ensure all regions necessary for the construction started on time.

According to him, the main task of heads of the regional state administration — timely coordination with relevant ministries and agencies and coordination in the field.

Goncharuk said that in each area should be coordinated with the Ministry of development of communities and territories, the list of objects that the region plans to build or renovate in the next year. Until February 14 all the region must approve the list of objects for construction of Ministry of regional development.

Separate areas should also coordinate with the Ukravtodor list of roads that will be built in the framework of the Road Fund. The priority of the road to support schools and hospitals.

From all areas, who until February 1 was submitted to Ukravtodor these documents, only six already have an agreed list of roads. Another 13 plans areas — in the process of negotiation.

The remaining six regions have not yet submitted any document to the Ukravtodor and do not have clear plans of what roads they will be repaired.

The Prime Minister added that a couple of days each head of RSA should be specific to the plan area lists all the objects and roads to them. These plans every head of regional state administration is next week in Kiev at session of the government.

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