As in Wuhan detain people with suspected coronavirus. Video

There was a terrible video.

In the media posted a creepy video from China, where law enforcement officers on the street were detained and taken to the hospital of people who have suspected 2019 coronavirus-nCoV, reports the with reference to Browser.

In Wuhan, the police detain people on the streets, or in their own homes. Local officials also conduct examinations of state of health from door to door to identify potentially contaminated, which must be isolated.

Authorities have already said that in the quarantine zone will be placed in 4 types of people:

  • with confirmed cases of the disease;
  • the symptoms of the disease;
  • those who were in close contact with an infected person;
  • those who have fever.

Only according to official statistics, in Wuhan live 14 million people. How many people will be isolated, no one knows.

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