Zelensky was found with the miners of Lviv region

Mine employees complained about the large salary arrears.

The President of Ukraine Vladimir Zelensky said that the country has a big problem with the miners and medics, but he can’t fix everything in six months, reports the Chronicle.info with reference to Browser.

The head of state said at the meeting with workers of the mine “Liricheskaya” in the town of Chervonohrad (Lviv region).

“Our miners hungry and cold. You should have seen the conditions in which they work In water, are black, and come hungry and have nothing to feed the family. But the coal we buy, firms are established and not go bankrupt. They are cashing in on the coal, and the miners are not paid a salary. Take and understand, why is that?” said one of the workers of the mine.

Zelensky said that before the end of February will be paid 22 million that have employees “Liricheskoy”, and will continue to extinguish the debts of other mines of the region.

“We will close the debt. Then, all the rumors that tomorrow will close the mine, will expel the miners… we Have the whole issue. We have more than 50 mines, we have a 67 thousand people are working, of whom 37 per thousand – at the state mines. Families – 200 thousand. Nobody throws,” said Zelensky.

According to him, the government is going to conduct the transformation of the coal industry. First, make plans, then they will be discuss in the society and with the miners. “We will discuss what the mine will upgrade, and what unfit for modernization. Then we will discuss where to employ these people and at what salary. It should be no less than it is,” the President said.

He added that February 25 will come to the Council of the miners, to discuss the problems of the industry. At this point, the debt will be repaid in full or in part.

“You have to understand – this is years from happening. None of the miners did. We can’t over six months it to raise. We have in each area is a nightmare. Doctors also teachers the same,” said Zelensky.

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