The police have shown the connection of the defendants in the case Sheremet. Video

Police said inconsistencies in some statements protect Kuzmenko.

The national police published evidence that refutes the statement defending suspects in the murder of journalist Pavel Sheremet Yulia Kuzmenko and Andrey Antonenko that they were not intimately familiar, reports the with reference to the Correspondent.

In particular, the investigation claims that it has established a close relationship between a doctor and a musician, but also denied the information that the communication between them was limited to the topic of the accident involving his wife and child Antonenko.

According to published information, in 2016 was recorded 104 connection between the suspects. Before the murder Sheremet was 14 ports: 2 SMS messages and 12 calls total duration of 40 minutes (an average of about 3.5 minutes on a phone call).

After 20 July 2016 set 90 of ports: 16 SMS and calls 74. Also for 2016 recorded 252 posts on Facebook, including 89 up to the murder.

The investigation alleges inconsistencies in some statements protect Kuzmenko.

“During the trial the lawyers and some witnesses have published contradictory information about the alibi of the suspect … In the course of investigating certain statements by lawyers, witnesses, and suspects denied”, — stated in the message.

Police have described several such cases.

1. During the first court hearing, the lawyer said Kuzmenko learned about the murder of Sheremet at work, browsing on the morning of 20 July 2016 Stip Facebook. However, in the future, and her protector, and she suspected they say that in this period Kuzmenko was on vacation, that is a documented fact.

2. 18 July 2016 Kuzmenko together with the current roommate is back from vacation in Odessa region. That night the doctor together with her ex-husband (at that time officially married) went to Borispol airport to meet his parents and son from Turkey.

During the meeting of 24 December 2019 lawyer Kuzmenko said that a woman of 19 July 2016 at 02:00 waited at Boryspil airport, and returned home at 05:00.

At the same time, according to the police, son, and parents Kuzmenko crossed the state border of Ukraine in the period from 00:12 to 00:18. In addition, the traffic of telephone connections number of a doctor testifies that Kuzmenko already in 1:24 was home.

Law enforcement officials also doubt the veracity of the testimony of the former husband of Julia Dmitry Kuzmenko.

It is noted that during the court session on 24 December 2019 he said that in the evening of the 18th to 20 July 2016 the suspect was with him at home and he clearly knows where and with whom she spent time. However, in court on 3 February, the man said he did not know where and with whom his wife was on vacation in 2016.

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