Space probe Solar Probe Parker set a new record

There was an interesting video.

Space probe Solar Probe Parker set a record for its work in open space, reports the with reference to the Apostrophe.

Note that on January 23, the probe began a fourth operation closer to the Sun, 29 Jan flew at a minimum distance from the sun.

February 1 professionals applied physics Laboratory in Laurel (Maryland, USA) received from the spacecraft, the message “a status”. This indicates normal operation of the probe and its instruments that gather scientific data. Also, this means the best signal from four possible, and any minor issues of the device, which could occur, were detected and eliminated Autonomous systems Troubleshooting.

In addition, during the convergence of the Parker Solar Probe broke its own speed records close to the Sun for man-made object. The spacecraft reached speeds of up to 244 255 miles per hour (about 393 044 kilometers per hour) and closer to the Sun at a distance of 11.6 million miles (about 18.6 million miles).

The heat shield Parker Solar Probe, called the Thermal Protection System (TPS), also reached a new record of temperatures. According to estimates by computer simulations, facing the Sun side of the TPS warmed up to 612 degrees Celsius, about 300 degrees higher than during encounters with the star that the spacecraft had performed earlier.

As emphasized in NASA as the Solar Probe team Parker finds out more about the mission and operation of the spacecraft, it increases the amount of time during which devices operate and collect data.

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