NHL team scored two goals in six seconds. Video

An unusual case in hockey.

In the match of NHL between “the new York Rangers and Toronto maple leafs” had a very unusual case when the players of the American team scored two goals in six seconds, reports the Chronicle.info with reference to Browser.

2:42 minutes left in the first period of the hockey player of owners Mick Sibania scored the first goal in gate “Toronto”. The Rangers were pressed on the opponents after a throw-in in midfield and taking away the puck, managed to beat the goalkeeper after a one-on-one, when the end of the first third of the match was 2:36.

Two quick goals helped the hosts to bring the case to victory with the score 5:3, however, this did not allow the team to improve their standings – “new York” is on the 12th place in the Eastern conference with a large backlog from the zone playoffs.

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