Hayden panettiere made a bold haircut

The girl is delighted with the changes.

Hollywood actress and former bride Wladimir Klitschko Hayden panettiere decided to radically change its image. The star made a bold haircut, which readily showed a series of pictures, reports the Chronicle.info with reference to the Channel 24.

As 30-year-old Hayden admitted on Twitter page, she is delighted with the updated image, which gives it a slightly rebellious style. The actress released new pictures and publicly thanked the stylist Naomi Village for a haircut.

“Thanks to my Naomi Sloboda for this unmatched haircut!”- wrote Hayden panettiere.

As you know, Hayden panettiere got a new look in December 2019. Then the actress, without hesitation got rid of long light hair, changing not only the length but also the color of ash. Recently, the star showed that the update of the image occurred at her estate in Los Angeles. In the house Hayden invited a stylist Naomi Sloboda, which was first done cut the actress.

It is unknown what inspired Hayden panettiere on such a radical change of image. The network suspect that the way the actress wanted to celebrate the new stage of her life. After the brutal beating Hayden returned to the boyfriend-the sadistic Brian Hickerson and again settled in his house. Relatives of the actress is not happy with such a solution panettiere, said the insiders of the Western media.

“They are worried that he will continue to live at her expense,” – said the source.

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