WhatsApp has detected a serious vulnerability

Information was at risk.

In WhatsApp messenger vulnerability was discovered that allowed hackers to access private user files on a PC, reports the Chronicle.info with reference to Browser.

It found an expert on cybersecurity and JavaScript Gal Weizman. Representatives of owned by Facebook messenger after the publication of the expert stated that the error was corrected in December.

A flaw of the program worked on Windows and macOS and a web version of WhatsApp Web. An attacker could retrieve files, photos and videos of a user by sending a specially crafted message. The “victim” had to compel to click on the link preview.

The problem affected all versions of WhatsApp Desktop over 0.3.9309, and manifest mating with WhatsApp for iPhone all versions older than 2.20.10. The vulnerability was discovered by specialists of the company PerimeterX, has received the identifier CVE-2019-18426 and scored 8.2 points on a scale CVSS3.

While WhatsApp claims that it is not aware of any case where the offender used the vulnerability to hack users of an application.

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