The Network has shown the consequences of bad weather in Ukraine. Photo

Falling trees and street sweeps.

From-for complications of weather conditions in Ukraine suffer from the drivers on the roads, stuck vehicles, traffic jams, falling trees, reports the with reference to the Apostrophe.

In Poltava in the last two hours fell a tree in the streets of Pans, Gagarin and Catholicity. On Gagarin street tree blocked the road. The branches had been removed and traffic was restored.

On the street reunion near the Central Department store branch fell down, which cut electric wires.

In Mukachevo the wind knocked down a tree which blocked the street outside the brewery.

As a result of the bad weather, fallen trees were on the roads in Svalyava and s. Kybliary. The storm was raging in the mountains, where rescuers from snow captivity was freed by trucks.

Only irshavschiny without electricity today there are 7 settlements.

As told the press Secretary of the state emergency service of Transcarpathia Natalia Batyr, except Assassini, bad weather raged in Uzhgorod, Mukachevo and Svalyava.

“In Lysychansk on the street Malinowski in the direction of the gas station “Parallel” crew “THOR” patrol police assisted the driver of the car Daewoo Lanos, which is due to the weather conditions, lost control and drove off the roadway on the side” , — wrote Tatyana Pogukai.

В Сети показали последствия непогоды в Украине. Фото

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