The most toxic alcoholic drink

It is important to know.

The most dangerous alcoholic drink is beer. The reason for this is contained in a hop extract which has a heavy metal cobalt, reports the with reference to Browser.

This was stated by psychiatrist Daniel Pokrovsky. He also added that unlike other alcoholic drinks, beer is consumed in large quantities.

“The metal is extremely toxic. It accumulates in the muscles of the heart, formed a syndrome of “beer heart beer liver,” obesity occurs”, – he said.

This beer is similar to a negative impact occurs much sooner.

“In beer contain so-called substances phytoestrogens – the female sex hormone of plant origin. That is, the boy makes the girl. It formed a fatty layer on the abdomen, is the fat, there active hormonal cells, they produce estrogen. The fat begins to feed itself and to produce additional female hormones, which should not be in the male body. This all leads to the low potency, there are other changes in the male reproductive system, it can lead to infertility,” added the psychiatrist.

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