On the South bridge collided with three cars

The driver of one car was hospitalized.

Thursday, February 6, in Kiev on the South bridge in the direction towards the right Bank there is a serious accident. Faced Chevrolet, BMW and Volkswagen. “American” crashed into the barrier and suffered serious damage, driver hospitalized. Nobody else was injured, reports the Chronicle.info with reference to the Informant.

The incident happened at about 18:30.

According to the participants of the accident, in the incident in absentia participated another car — Toyota. Her driver noticed that the car has some faults, slowed down and moved slowly on the “emergency gang”. BMW and Chevrolet, which was traveling behind him also began to go more carefully and with less speed. But the owner of Volkswagen did not notice what is happening and at high speed crashed into the “American”, but to hurt BMW and crashed into a bump. The blow was very strong, as the trunk of the Chevrolet crashed into the rear seats, was damaged and the side door. The driver promptly hospitalized, his condition unknown.

Other cars also received mechanical damages: at VMW injured back, and the Volkswagen — front. There were police officers, doctors and investigative team. The causes of the accident are being investigated.

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