In Turkey, an avalanche covered the rescuers: many victims

About 300 rescuers searched for passengers of the minibus.

In the East of Turkey in van province avalanche came down on the car a mountain road, covered the rescue team to find people missing due to previous avalanches. Killed 28 people, reports the with reference to the Correspondent.

It is noted that about 300 emergency personnel and security forces were called to the highway near the mountain-framed city Bahcesaray in the province of van, after the avalanche, which carried into the abyss of a van. Then, five people died, seven were injured, two missing. Today around noon, rescuers covered the second avalanche.

28 people died, another column 30 people were rescued or are able to get out from under the snow.

Video from the scene are visible at least three overturned cars.

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