In Kiev there was a pursuit with shooting

In the final chase Subaru drove off the road

Thursday, February 6, Darnytskyi district has been a serious incident. The driver and passenger of the Subaru Forester gave chase. The offenders managed to avoid the left coast from Boryspil to the South of the bridge in the opposite direction, and on the street gmyri man, who was driving, lost control and drove off the road, reports the with reference to the Informant.

When Subaru was on the sidelines, the two men left the room and tried to hide from the police. One of them quickly detained by militiamen. The second fled from police through the courts, while residents of neighboring houses told us that he saw him and heard gunshots. According to preliminary information, the offender fired into the air. But the patrol has not commented on these allegations, but confirmed that shots were fired and nobody was hurt.

It is also known that during the chase on the street. Chavdar Forester touched the car of police of the Mitsubishi Outlander and tried to crash into another car, veering into the oncoming traffic. Previously, the driver of the crossover was drunk. But detained him or the passenger of a car, is unknown.

There were four crew of the patrol police and investigative team. In addition, law enforcement officers visiting the courtyards of the houses on the streets gmyri, Chavdar and on Bazhan Avenue in the search for the second offender, who was able to escape from the police.

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