Zelensky commented on the performance of the Cabinet

Zelensky urged the government and Parliament to intensify work.

The government Alexey Goncharuk performed 30 tasks set before him by President Vladimir Zelensky. 13 is partially completed and 9 not complied with. That is, of the total number of tasks was performed 58%, reports the Chronicle.info with reference to Country.

The President Vladimir Zelensky said on 4 February at a meeting in the Office of the President with representatives of the Cabinet of Ministers and the Verkhovna Rada.

“Published two Executive orders of the President regarding the task of the government and Parliament on economic and social issues. 30 tasks completed, 13 partially implemented, or are in the implementation process, nine tasks are not completed,” said Zelensky.

In particular, according to him, the Ministry of development of communities and territories have not fulfilled the tasks concerning the drafting of the bill to increase capacity of Agency for regional development, strengthening of the competitiveness of regions, ensuring the development and approval of State strategy for regional development 2021-2028 year.

The Department of energy and environmental protection has not fulfilled the objectives of the agreement on production sharing and the introduction of a system of integrated permits for pollution emissions, as well as on the reform of the state ecological Inspectorate.

The Ministry of economic development, trade and agriculture took measures to reduce illegal employment and legalization of incomes. The Ministry of infrastructure has developed a draft law on the reform of rail transport.

The Cabinet received a new task:

  1. To solve the problem with debts before workers of the coal industry.
  2. In the reform of the alcohol industry to introduce an electronic excise stamp.
  3. In the framework of this reform to implement the law “On state regulation of production and turnover of alcohol”.
  4. Within two months to prepare “Ukrspirt” for privatization.
  5. The interior Ministry should intensify the fight against the illegal trafficking of alcohol.
  6. Until the end of February to propose a mechanism of realization of the program “Investment nanny”.

Vladimir Zelensky urged the government and Parliament to intensify work.

The President added that the final assessment of the work can be done after the final report of Cabinet 14 February.

“We are constantly meeting with many specialists, economists, leading lawyers, who live in Ukraine and Ukrainians working abroad. It is a long time… I think in a couple of weeks we will finish this process… the full Report will be February 14th to tell you my final impression. Until February 14, there are certain things they must do,” said Zelensky.

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