Ukrainians warned of the rising water

The rate will increase by 20%.

The national Commission for regulation in energy and utilities adopted a decision on increase of tariffs for water supply and sanitation, reports the with reference to the Correspondent.

It is expected that tariffs will increase by 15-20% depending on the region.

The Commission noted that this increase is caused by the rapid wage growth in the industry. In particular, the tariff structure, labor cost is almost one third the total cost, and nearly as much electricity.

“The main reason is wages in the cities. The salary, which was in the tariff structure amounted to 5.6 thousand hryvnia, the average salary — 12 thousand, in Kiev — 16, Lviv — 18. The increase from 15 to 20% is a negligible increase in bills,” says a member of the national Commission Olga Babiy.

As noted, the most expensive water continue to consume in the East of Ukraine, in particular, in Pavlograd and Berdyansk. Here you will have to pay almost 40 hryvnia per cubic meter.

Prices in Western Ukraine is somewhat lower. Water is still the cheapest in luck — a little more than 16 UAH for filing and withdrawal.

The final cost of water by region officials will be able to announce in a few days.

Earlier, Prime Minister Alexey Goncharuk said that housing and utility costs should not exceed 15% of the family budget.

Thus, according to the state statistics service, communal for the month rose 8%. In December of 2019 the average size for utility bills increased by 8% with 2044,7 2212 UAH to UAH.

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