Ukrainians reminded how not to get hurt during ice

In Ukraine great weather.

Icy roads can easily cause injury. Head of Advisory-information Department “1583” Center of emergency medical aid and disaster medicine of the city of Kiev Alexander Komashko told about how not to injure yourself in this kind of weather and what to do if you slipped, reports the with reference to Country.

“About the prevention of injury during ice. When it is slippery it becomes, first and foremost, focus should be on the weather forecast. As a rule, says there will be sleet, sticking of wet snow. If possible, you need to reduce the number of exits to the street. If you have the opportunity to cancel or not to go — it is better to use it. If this is not possible, it is necessary to prepare: to put on the right shoes with soles that are well salivette with the surface,” said Alexander Komashko.

According to him, you need to consider their routes. Especially in places where there are stairs or other slippery surfaces. It is best to avoid such places, or to hold the handrails.

“If you do not walk alone — we need to help each other when crossing slippery streets. And definitely not in a hurry, because people usually get injured or fall when they are somewhere in a hurry, not given that they will lose even more time for treatment after the fall”, — said Alexander Komashko.

In the evening, advised a doctor, it is necessary to walk along the lit sections of the road, because after the ice can snow, which will hinder visibility and slippery sections.

“People just don’t notice that it’s slippery under the snow. If happens that you slip and fall — you need to know how to fall. It is desirable, if possible, immediately sit down. If you feel that slip and not hold out on his feet — then you need to sit down and bend your knees. Then you will not fall from the height of its growth, with two times smaller height, which will reduce the risk of fracture or severe injury. If you slip, it is advisable to expose hands to the side, try not to fall on his hand, because after that people get typical fractures: broken arm, or leg, if the wrong people are falling,” said Alexander Komashko.

If the fall has occurred, and to avoid injury failed — a doctor advises to examine myself, to move my limbs — is there pain, and also to go to the emergency room. To make sure that no complications need to do an x-ray. It will not hurt as and consultation of traumatologist.

“First aid when the injury is first applying cold to the site of injury. Preferably in the first hour, not after a while, to reduce swelling and soreness. If it’s abrasion or scratch, that is, skin lesions and bleeding — you need to treat the wound with sterile cloth, if any. You can either return home and process, or contact the nearest clinic or emergency room. If the fall hit his head or lost consciousness — will need to seek help at the hospital, as there can be delayed symptoms. The same concussion or hematoma may not be immediately apparent,” said Alexander Komashko.

He also added that if at the time of injury near the victim there is someone else that passers-by can help him, get to the emergency room or call an ambulance. When you hit his head you need to consult a trauma surgeon or neurosurgeon. If was damaged limb plaster bandage and prescribe appropriate treatment, and if there are any complications that need hospital treatment. But it must decide specialist.

Also a doctor told you what to do, if you see during the ice injured a passerby.

“If the injury of the upper limb, then you need to do is wrap it across the neck. That is, the lead arm in a position where she is moving, at rest. And, therefore, to go to the emergency room. If it is cut or bleeding external is bandaging and treatment of wounds. If a strong bleeding, pressure bandage to impose. If a man bumped his head and lost consciousness, you should go to the hospital, to be examined to x-ray to rule out a concussion. This is done through the er, not necessarily through the hospital. If the injury of the legs, depending on how it is expressed. If a person is able to reach the emergency room, going to the emergency room, and if not, then call an ambulance or the surrounding assistant transportation can drive to the emergency room. And there after the test treatment,” — said Alexander Komashko.

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