The popular breakfasts, which are harmful to health

They are best avoided.

Morning everyone starts in different ways, and even Breakfast are not all the same. While one can not go beyond the threshold of the house, yet didn’t eat, other people go to work and only closer to the dinner, make yourself something to eat, reports the with reference to

Nutritionists have named the list of the most popular breakfasts, which are harmful.

Dangerous than eggs

The easiest in terms of preparing Breakfast – scrambled eggs. Few people want to understand one simple truth – in eggs cholesterol is harmful. Scientists came to a disappointing conclusion: every additional 300 mg of cholesterol in the daily diet increased the risk of cardiovascular disease by 17%, and the risk of premature death by 18%. Thus easing my life in the morning, be prepared to spend it in doctors ‘ offices, because to pay for everything, and the time saved will haunt you bitterly.

In addition, eggs are harmful to the liver. If every day the body gets 2-3 eggs, then consider that you can get non-alcoholic fatty liver disease (a particular case of fatty hepatosis) 3.56 times more often than people who eat only 2 eggs a week.

Why sandwiches harmful

All the same notorious time-saving, which dictates how we live, makes us Breakfast quickly assemble sandwiches. Muffin or loaf, sausage, cheese. Everything is so banal and at the same time incredibly dangerous.

First, do not comfort yourself with illusions that crusty bread is useful. May not be useful to modern bread that is stuffed with chemicals, which allows it not to get stale and not get mildewed. The fact that almost all manufacturers add in the bread, the addition of propionate.

Second, even if you eat just bread and cheese, you should know that propionate is often a part of processed and hard cheeses.

But if the sandwich is for you, to some extent, exit and saved, then try to replace loaf with bread flour, which at least has vitamins, sausage, boiled chicken breast or beef. Always in a sandwich, add fresh vegetables, and in any case do not eat cheap cheese and avoid processed cheese.

What is dangerous glazed cheese

From harmful in the composition of the glazed curd cakes everything else: fat, preservatives, emulsifier, frosting, not always of real cocoa and chocolate flour, protein only 4 grams per 100 grams and about 200 calories for a small dessert pyatidesyatimetrovy. Curd cheese is very fatty, on the order of 20-26%, in line with sweet curd mass out of the pack with fillers of the type of dried apricot or chocolate raisin.

Speaking of fillings. Is the icing on the cake will be very surprised. You probably noticed that the toppings for cheese is often condensed milk or fruit and berry fillers. For a manufacturer, these fillings cost a penny. But such cheese only sell with us, and outside the former Soviet Union, you such will not find.

What is dangerous Breakfast cereals

If you like Breakfast you practice a couple times a month – the body will cope. But if this food is already a tradition in your home, then somewhere you are waiting for trouble.

The cereals are manufactured using high pressure and high temperature, which destroys many of the nutrients contained in the cereal. That is good in them whatsoever. But in order for the cereal was delicious, there is added a lot of sugar and various fats. The children is at all harmful, and adults should understand the risks for themselves.

Frequent consumption of Breakfast cereals is a direct road to diabetes. Also, cereals Packed with a variety of leavening agents, flavors and acidity regulators.

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