It became known how many Ukrainians spend on food

There is a new rating.

Ukraine ranked 93 out of 100 in the ranking on cost of food, which is the Ministry of agriculture of USA (USDA). It turned out that on average, Ukrainians spend 42% of their income on food, reports the with reference to Country.

“According to the USDA, every Ukrainian in 2018 on the average paid 858 US dollars for food products and soft drinks. In the overall structure of consumption expenditure the share of food products was 42.2%,” — said in the message.

And at the top of the USA, Singapore, UK, Ireland, Canada, Switzerland, Australia and Austria, whose residents spend on food is less than 10% of their income.

In Germany, the Netherlands, Finland, Qatar, Belgium, South Korea to 15%.

Meal costs in the range of 16-25% are characterized by Poland, Slovakia, Hungary, Bulgaria, Israel, Uruguay, Kuwait, China, Turkey and other countries.

In Belarus, Georgia, Russia, Uzbekistan, as well as in Jordan, India, Macedonia, and Paraguay, the figure is around 30%.

Ukraine occupies the 93rd place of the ranking, ahead of Uganda, where the share of expenditure on food and 44.2%, Kazakhstan (44,9%), Angola (48.6 percent), Bangladesh (53.5 per cent) and Nigeria (59,0%), which ranks last in the list.

According to the State statistics service of Ukraine, in 2018 per household spent on food 3963 UAH per month. Most money was allocated to the meat — 928 UAH, bread — 576 UAH, milk, cheese and butter — 575 UAH, vegetables and potatoes — UAH 497, and less for soft drinks (218 UAH), eggs (124 UAH) and vegetable oil (117 UAH).

According to estimates of the USDA, at the current exchange rate in 2018 the cost of food for one person in Ukraine during the year was 23 338 UAH, and according to the state statistics service – 22 538 UAH.

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