In the Ukrainian textbooks posted a meme with Keanu Reeves

Another funny coincidence.

In the Ukrainian textbooks on world history for tenth grade found a photo of Keanu Reeves meme, in which it was mounted on the famous “Lunch on a skyscraper” of 1932 near the workers who built the skyscrapers in new York, reports the with reference to Country.

The author of the tutorial is the candidate of historical Sciences Igor Schupak, and the abstract States that the publication of the 2018 recommended by the Ministry of education and science of Ukraine.

“The textbook has a special system of building and structuring the learning material, definitions of key terms. Fragments of historical documents, reference and additional information, illustrative material, maps, questions and tasks aimed at the formation of students ‘interest in history and enhance the effectiveness of training”, — stated in the description of the book.

Picture on the 58th page of the textbook Chapter, which is dedicated to the United States in the period between the First and Second world wars. The original photo depicts 11 workers, and in the Ukrainian history textbook they added another figure — Keanu Reeves from the famous meme “How you doing, cupcake?”

В украинском учебнике разместили мем с Киану Ривзом

В украинском учебнике разместили мем с Киану Ривзом

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