Goncharuk told about the cooperation with Deutsche Bahn

German experts in the first year of cooperation will explore the state of the Railways.

Operator of German Railways Deutsche Bahn from January 1, 2021 will be to provide support in the management of Railways in freight, passenger, infrastructure and services and maintenance, said Prime Minister Alexey Goncharuk Wednesday, February 5, reports the Chronicle.info with reference to the Correspondent.

“The first priority is to study the state of the Railways and create a Road map of changes. The next step is from 1 January 2021 Deutsche Bahn will provide support in the management of TIES in the sphere of goods, passenger, infrastructure, services and maintenance”, — he wrote in the telegrams.

According to Goncharuk, the partnership also encourages the launch of new routes and will facilitate greater integration of transport systems.

“The priority of our government is to improve the efficiency of the management of Ukrzaliznytsya and the transition to the European model of railway transportation market”, — said the Prime Minister.

However, he recalled that the cooperation does not involve the sale or rental of such a strategically important state object, as Ukrzaliznytsia.

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