Debunked popular myths about breast cancer

Important reason often to be screened.

In 87-90% of cases, breast cancer runs completely asymptomatic. So women it is important to have regular check-UPS even in the absence of any complaints, reports the with reference to Browser.

After all, only the timely diagnosis of cancer can ensure the success of the healing by 90% or more, said surgeon Nikolai Antosko.

The doctor said that the so-called “symptoms” of breast cancer – lemon peel, discharge, ulcerations – it is advanced form of cancer. Early diagnosis is the determination of tumor size up to 5 mm.

“It is very important to stop being afraid. We always talk about cancer, how about a completely incurable illness. Well, of course – in the fourth stage…. At an advanced stage and the cold can be dangerous. A zero in the first stage we can guarantee the success of the healing. If the tumor to 5 mm is a minimal invasion, minimal surgery, maximum effect. The most effective therapy for first and zero stage. This is always a very favorable forecast,” he said.

According to him, now the criterion of successful treatment is considered to be the 10-year survival rate.

“At zero stage is the stage Donbasenergo cancer, the survival rate 99%. At the first stage 92-96%,” – said the surgeon.

In this regard, Aniuska urged all women to learn the techniques of self-examination and timely visits.

This is especially true of those who are at risk: have reached a certain age (over 40 years), has a genetic predisposition or a disease related to “predecessors” of cancer.

“There are several precursors, so-called precursors of cancer. This proliferative mastopathy and some benign pathologies that can be a cause of cancer. If we prolazim, you can avoid the occurrence of invasive cancer in the future,” explained the medic.

Methods for diagnosis of cancer

Antosko listed three methods of primary diagnosis to be aware of:

  • self-examination;
  • clinical examination (the doctor);
  • instrumental examination (screening program): mammography, magnetic resonance imaging, in some cases, sonography (an ultrasound. – Ed.).

“Ukraine now has enough hospitals, doctors and tools to detect cancer”, – said the oncologist.

He also confirmed that Ukraine is available 100% cure cancer.

“I’m not in the least doubt. We are working on protocols that have been adopted in the world. We do not develop some of their own innovations didn’t invent a triangular wheel on the bike. We use what gives the best results of treatment. This is the level of evidence-based medicine”, – told Antosko.

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