Ukrainian woman delivered a baby on Board

Woman shared an interesting story.

A graduate of National medical University O. O. Bohomolets Alena Fedchenko on Tuesday, February 4, successfully delivered a baby on Board the plane that made a flight from Doha (Qatar) to Bangkok (Thailand), reports the with reference to Browser.

Thrilling story of a girl were shared on his page in Facebook.

According to her, the child and the mother healthy.

“Delivered on Board the Doha – Bangkok. Boy, mother is Thai. Our plane landed in Calcutta, waiting for an ambulance. Stress, happiness and a storm of emotions! Thank you to the Department of obstetrics and gynecology №3 of Bogomolets KMI. I remembered everything in one moment” – said from Kiev.

Mabuza said that at 3am on the plane announced on the need of medical assistance. She admitted that at first thought, to pretend to be asleep, but eventually went.

“Masik was born actually 10 points on the Apgar, my colleagues will understand. The heartbeat of course, I didn’t listen and reflexes were not determined, but cried out at once. Was not at all cyanosis, either immediately or later. Such rosy, and the Cams are not blue. Sucking Boobs moms sucking Cams”, says Mabuza.

Ukrainian woman added that after giving birth in the plane, “the champagne flowed like a river” in her honor.

The act of women has roused the admiration of the users of the network.

Delivered on Board the Doha-Bangkok. Boy, mom Thai. Our plane se in Calcutta, waiting for an ambulance. But my mom…

Gepostet von Alena Fedchenko am Montag, 3. Februar 2020

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