Named possible dates for holding elections in the Donbass

To organize elections in autumn is almost impossible.

To prepare and hold democratic elections in the occupied territories at the end of October 2020 almost impossible, according to the with reference to Browser.

This opinion was expressed by the head of Committee of voters of Ukraine Oleksiy Koshel. The main problem is that the locals do not have access to the Ukrainian media.

“First and foremost, local residents must have access to the Ukrainian media. Now, especially after encoding satellite to Ukrainian TV channels in occupied territories completely lost the ability to view Ukrainian television channels. Open access applies not only to television but also print publications, and online media,” says Purse.

Residents of Donbass have quite a long time before the election to be in the Ukrainian information field.

“For the representatives of political forces participating in the elections, should be unhindered access to all communities so they can be free to campaign and communicate with voters. Not least is the issue of security, elections cannot be held at gunpoint, there is need Ukrainian observers, observers from political parties, there should be free to work the members of the Commission,” he added.

In addition, in the occupied territories are not maintained the State register of voters, and its restoration will take time. Thus, according to Purse for holding democratic elections in the Donbass it is necessary not one year.

“In my opinion, if we talk about elections, there is a fairly lengthy recovery period of political parties, the media, Central bodies of Executive power, and it can take several years,” said Purse.

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