KHAYAT has submitted a song for the national selection. Video

The singer performs in the second semifinal.

Young Ukrainian singer KHAYAT (Khayat Andrew) released a CALL FOR LOVE, which will compete for the right to represent our country at Eurovision 2020 in Rotterdam (the Netherlands), reports the with reference to Browser.

Track premiere took place on February 4 on the YouTube channel of the musician. In the composition, the singer blends with modern electronic music and Ukrainian motifs. As stressed by KHAYAT, it is important for him to keep the song Ukraine Eurovision contain the aspect of national identity.

Contest song Andrei conquered fans from the very first notes. Many noted that it should sound at the competition in Rotterdam.

“Wow, the new Khayat. It definitely deserves to sound on the stage of the Eurovision song contest”, “Amazing track! Ethno-lose the bomb at all. I will be rooting for you for the second year in a row. I hope this time you all will, and we’ll see you in Rotterdam!”, “This is incredible! From the first seconds went into space. Thank you for this! Only the Hyatt in Euros! “Here he is the representative of Ukraine”, — write fans under the video.

Andrew Hyatt became famous after participating in the show “Golos Krainy-9”. The project was ward singer Tina Karol and managed to reach the Grand final.

In addition to vocal performances in the show, KHAYAT also distinguished part in the national selection for Eurovision-2019. Last year the musician received a big support of the audience now and again will compete for the right to speak at the most prestigious musical competition of Europe. The performance of the singer will be held in the second semifinal, which will be held on February 15.

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