In Ukraine it is expected sharp deterioration of weather

Snow, blizzards, rain and wind storm.

Most of the territory of Ukraine on Tuesday, February 4, significant precipitation is expected. Places declared a storm warning, expected the sharp gusts of wind, blizzards and snow up to 40 cm, reports the with reference to the Correspondent.

A sharp deterioration in the weather will cause disruption and termination of traffic on the roads and streets, will complicate the work of the energy companies and utilities.

“According to the forecast Ukrgidromettsentra, day on 4 February in Transcarpathia, Carpathian significant rain and sleet the night of 5 February, heavy snow (increase of the snow cover of 10-20 in the mountains of 35-40 cm); the gusts of 15-20 m/s (in the mountains 25 m/s), blizzards, on roads snow drifts, sleet,” — said in the message.

Also on 5 and 6 February in the Central regions of significant snow in the Eastern areas of significant snow and rain in the southern areas of significant rain with sleet in transition, the formation of snow cover height of 10-15 cm; in places ice and sleet sticking.

In addition, declared a storm warning — wind gusts of 17-22 m/s, places of 25 m/s, snowstorm; the roads icy; in Kirovohrad and Dnipropetrovsk regions, heavy snow is the formation of snow cover with a height of 20-25 cm, snow drifts.

The press service of Ukravtodor reported that this morning with occasional rain in Western areas. The rest of the no precipitation. Coverage on state roads in most areas are dry, in areas where the rain cover is wet, Dnipropetrovsk and Donetsk regions sometimes sleet.

Most of the saddle road sections rain. Temperature 0+4. The condition of the coating is wet.

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