In Ukraine, 12 people checked into the Chinese coronavirus

In any case, was not even suspected infection with coronavirus.

Ukraine has verified 12 cases concerning suspicion of a coronavirus from China, reports the with reference to the Correspondent.

On Tuesday, February 4, reported the acting Director of the Centre for public health the Ministry of health Igor Kuzin.

“Now we have those reports that we received about 12 cases – those patients who went to the doctor with various complaints on health. But in any case, was not even suspected infection with coronavirus. In all cases, a complete range of epidemiological investigations. And also they made a full range of laboratory tests as required by clinical protocols,” he said.

Cousins also spoke about preventing the introduction and spread of coronavirus in Ukraine.

“They (events) are within a few blocks. First of all, it translates the system of civil protection in the mode of increased readiness. And it will say that at the level of each region should be tested response plans, preparedness and deployment of additional beds in case of need. The second point is that at the level of each region must already be defined formally separate institutions of health, for childhood infectious disease and adult infectious diseases, where will be hospitalized, these patients or with suspicion, in case of such appeals,” he said.

Kuzin added that at the oblast level will be allocated a few ambulances.

“Also introduces additional measures that relate to the training for doctors of primary health care and specialized health facilities at regional level”, — he added.

In addition, there are recommendations to enhance the disinfection regime in places of a mass congestion of people. “Such as cinemas, large shopping centres, and a regime for the disinfection treatment must be implemented at the regional level,” said the medic.

According to him, the other paragraphs refer to checkpoints across the state border. “Because part of this issue is governed not only by the Ministry of health and also Ministry of Infrastructure. A separate paragraph is that the checkpoints across the state border of the country envisaged the deployment of standby insulators if on the border any person with symptoms of acute respiratory viral infection, or someone will feel bad,” — said Kuzin.

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