In Kenya, 14 students were killed during a stampede

About 40 schoolchildren were injured.

At least 14 children were killed during a stampede in a primary school in the West of Kanye, reports the with reference to the Correspondent.

The incident occurred in elementary school in Kakamega, Northwest of the capital Nairobi, on Monday afternoon, 3 February.

It is noted that after the training at about 17:00 local time the children ran to the exit of the school, resulting crush.

The Ministry of education of Kenya has confirmed 14 deaths. About 40 students in the incident were injured, including heavy. They were taken to the hospital.

The official cause of the stampede is not yet known. However, the local media reported that the children ran to the exit is via a narrow staircase, which eventually collapsed. Some children fell from the third floor of the building.

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