In Krivoy Rog extreme fell into the mine

The bodies pulled out today from a depth of 550 metres.

Two men-bloggers who fell into an abandoned mine in Saksahan region of Krivoy Rog, were found dead. Rescuers have already raised their body up to the surface, reports the with reference for Today.

According to rescuers, in the late evening of 2 February, two of the blogger-extremal, having broken the bars at the entrance, fell into an abandoned mine. The bodies of the victims managed to raise to the surface at 5:49 3 Feb.

It is known that a group of five adventurers were going to shoot a video of the descent in an abandoned ventilation shaft. Two of them during the descent fell from the height. Their bodies lifted from the horizon 550 meters.

One of the victims was 36 years old, the age of the second – about 30-35. The remaining three members of the group were not injured.

To help attracted 13 personnel and two units of rescue equipment of the Main Department of DSNS of Ukraine in the Dnipropetrovsk region.

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