In Kiev searching for 20-year-old girl 4-year-old son

Wanted Anastasia and Ivan Carpenter.

In the capital, militiamen third day searching for a young mother with a small child. Darnytskyi control of the Kiev Central Board of national police is trying to find a Carpenter Anastasia Sergeevna (born in 1999) and her four year old son of a Carpenter, Ivan Dmitrievich, who on 31 January was out of the house and still did not return, reports the with reference for Today.

According to the lost children of GU NP in Kiev, in the view of the boy three or four years, light brown hair, korotkometrazhnye, slim build, height 95-105 cm

Ivan was dressed in a jacket of blue with dark accents, blue cap with POM-poms and dark jeans.

When receiving any information about the possible whereabouts of the child militiamen ask to call by phone “102”.

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