In China plummeted a record of the exchange

The fall is associated with the coronavirus.

Trading on the stock exchanges in China on Monday, 3 February, opened a record drop in prices of more than 8%, reports the with reference to Browser.

Courts resumed work after the long new year holidays (the auction was last held on 23 January). The index of the Shanghai stock exchange in early trading lost of 8.73%. The index of the Shenzhen stock exchange decreased by 9%, the index of Hong Kong stock exchange fell by 0.4%.

The collapse observed on the background distribution in the country of a new type of coronavirus. According to recent reports, in China the number of infected exceeded 17 thousand people, of which more than 360 people died.

According to Bloomberg, the drop in prices on the stock exchanges of mainland China on Monday was a record in 2015. “It is very difficult to trade stocks. It is impossible to predict how the disease will develop. Even the experts do not have a clear idea, when the outbreak of the virus, not to mention stock traders,” – said the publication Chairman of the Beijing investment company WanDeFu Whether Suwa.

“Many people in the market are not faced with such situations, as it is today. You can’t blame people that they want cash when they feel that their health is in danger”, – commented managing Director of Shanghai WuSheng Investment Management Partnership Fang Rui.

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