Chinese coronavirus: the number of deaths increased to 360

Over the past day died 57 persons.

In China, victims of the new coronavirus was 361 people, more than 17 thousand people were infected, reports the with reference to the Correspondent.

“As of midnight on 2 February, the number of confirmed cases of infection with coronavirus in China reached 205 17, state 2 296 people is estimated as heavy, 475 patients were discharged from hospitals, the number of deaths has reached 361”, − stated in the message.

In recent days, China has 57 people died and it was found 2 829 new cases.

Separately in Hong Kong identified 15 confirmed cases of infection 2019-nCoV, in Macau − eight, in Taiwan ten.

In addition, registered 21 558 cases with suspicion of a new type of coronavirus.

In other Asian countries with coronavirus infected 96 people in Europe and 23 in North America – 13 Australia – 12, in other regions of the world – five people.

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