The network won the dog, which has managed to significantly lose weight

Here is the result!

And, considering that dogs do not know when to stop eating, it becomes a big problem for “loving” owners, reports the with reference to

But sometimes dog owners think and realize that pet should lose weight for his own good and health. It happened with this “fatso”. At one point a dog from US named pearl were put on a diet, so he didn’t die.

It got to the point that he couldn’t even walk on his own. But the owners woke up in time and sent pearl to the clinic, where he ate dosed and lots of swimming in the pool.

The results were “impressive” and the owners of the dog decided to share them with all users on the Internet.

Favorite pet got rid of half his body weight and now became cheerful and constantly running with the owner. Also it continue to drive in the pool for a swim and do not overfeed.

Now he has become the happiest dog in the world, because now he can romp and run, that is very important for dogs.

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