The network won the cat who repulsed the attack of the coyotes

The network got a video taken by a surveillance camera in the backyard of a home in Los Angeles.

To the home of Maya Gurren got three coyote who decided to snack on her cat named Max, who went on a night walk. Cats quite often fall victim to these predators, zebrudaya on the outskirts of the city. However, the eight-year Max — not the timid. He fought back trying to surround him with the three animals, which are also called Prairie wolves. Max repeatedly rushed on them, forcing them to retreat. And in the end came out victorious from the fight: he lasted until his aid didn’t come home, and then scared the coyotes went to look for weaker prey, reports the with reference on the Facts.

According to CBS, Maya is now afraid to release your pet into the street. She wants to make him a special enclosure in the yard where he would be safe and at the same time would feel free.

According to Gurin, during the attack Max kept complete composure. “He’s always been crazy,” says Gurrin about the cat.

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