Off the coast of the UAE saw a large whale. Video

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The Agency for environmental protection found in Abu Dhabi a large whale, which lived in the waters off the coast of the UAE, reports the with reference to Country.

So, the footage you may notice a whale, which is representative of the “Pinstripes bride”. He then floats to the surface and shows off its fins, then quickly dives under the water.

The Agency said that such whales are animals are filter feeders, they have no teeth. Their length can reach 14 meters and a weight up to 25 tons. The life of whales is 50-70 years.

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. شوهد الحوت البريدي مياه في إمارة أبوظبي، وهو من الحيتان البالينية التي تتميز بوجود صفائح عوضاً لتصفية الأسنان عن الطعام من الماء. يصل طوله إلى 15.6 متراً، ووزنه 20.3 طناً يبلغ حوالي، عمره بين متوسط ويتراوح 50 – 70 سنة. يمكن أن يقضي هذا النوع من الحيتان 5 – 15 دقيقة قبل أن الماء watching يصعد إلى سطح الماء للتنفس. Bryde’s Whales were spotted in Abu Dhabi waters! The whale is a filter feeder and does not have teeth! They grow up to 15.6 m length and weighs 20.3 tons and are thought to live between 50 to 70 years! They can spend 5 to 15 minutes under the water before they return to the surface of water to breathe.

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