In the US commented on the “silence” Zelensky on Ukrainian downed Boeing

Zelensky sustained diplomatic balance.

The President of Ukraine Vladimir Zelensky has withstood the diplomatic balance in the investigation of the Downing of Iran Boeing 737 aircraft (UIA), refraining from harsh statements, reports with reference to Browser.

This is stated in the material of the American edition of The Washington Post, where analysts said that before the tragedy Zelensky “appeared between the US and Iran” because of the murder of major General Qassem Soleimani President of Donald trump.

It is noted that before Zelensky the problem: to achieve cooperation with the two countries, not supporting any of the parties to the conflict.

“Again Zelensky walked a delicate diplomatic balance and came out unscathed. For a beginner in politics he seems to have a keen sense of how to appease the warring factions, to protect the interests of Ukraine”, – said the scientist from the Center of Wilson Nina Jankovic.

Before Zelensky task was “to avoid further international split”, with which he, according to analysts, managed.

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