Gas transit via Ukraine may increase

Gazprom may additionally be pumped through the Ukrainian GTS more than 12 billion cubic meters of gas.

Gazprom can increase the transit of gas through Ukraine for about 11 billion cubic meters in the case of demand growth in Europe, reports the with reference to the Correspondent.

Such a need may arise in connection with the fact that the launch of the gas pipeline Nord stream-2, the Russian authorities expect in the best case by the end of the year.

As noted, even according to the original plan, the pipeline this year could be used only half because of the two lines, its continuation in Germany — pipeline Eugal — the beginning of the year only one, and the second will be launched in 2021.

Moreover, the first thread Eugal gas from the first Nord stream, thanks to which Gazprom is able to fully load the pipe, despite the restrictions imposed on the use of the Opal pipeline by the decision of the court of justice.

Thus, failing to enter the Nord stream-2 this year, Gazprom in practice, we only lost about 15 billion cubic meters of capacity for transportation, the newspaper notes.

It is noted that this situation could potentially require the company to increase the pumping of gas through Ukraine in excess of agreed upon in the contract for this year to 65 billion cubic meters.

The peak level of selection for all contracts of Gazprom in the EU, Turkey and the Balkans is around 650 million cubic meters per day, and to provide it, Gazprom can take about 32 million cubic meters per day capacity via Ukraine — about 11.5 billion cubic meters per year, estimated by journalists.

The author doubts that, in practice, European customers of Gazprom will need the peak level of selection over long periods of time.

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