Ukrainians should expect a sharp increase in food prices

Prices in the first quarter can significantly increase or, conversely, to decline.

Opinions in the assessment of inflation among experts, reports the with reference to

“Price growth in the 1st quarter of 2020 will be about 1-1,5%. Its containment will influence possible further revaluation of the hryvnia, the probable decrease in natural gas prices due to excess supply over demand in Europe” — said Skarshevsky.

But the rating Zablovskogo, inflation will be 3-3. 5 percent due to slowdown of growth of prices for communal services, but the acceleration of price growth in the food market. This is especially true of vegetables and fruits.

According to the analyst, the inflation rate directly depends on the refinancing rate of the national Bank, that is, the value of money, which the regulator lends to commercial banks: the higher it is, the lower the inflation.

“If the rate will remain at the current level of 13.5% per annum, inflation is estimated at 2% for the first quarter, if the rate will decline, inflation will be more – to 3%,” said Pendzin.

By the way, there are some factors that affect the prices of the products. For example, in 2016, buckwheat has risen to 40 hryvnia per kilogram, but then dropped by half in price due to oversupply. Now she again began to go up, because in 2019 lost it less than usual.

But the price of wheat will decline from 30-35 UAH per kg to UAH 20-22, as millet has collected more than enough.

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