A brawl in Parliament ridiculed the new fotozhabu

A new reason for jokes in the social networks.

Ukrainian politics and its members often become involved in various scandals, it is sometimes very fun people, reports the Chronicle.info with reference to Accents.

Alex golobutsky on his page in Facebook published an apt fotozhabu a recent scuffle in the Ukrainian Parliament.

Yesterday, the eleventh of December, in the Verkhovna Rada took place next battle. Deputies from parties “servant of the people” and “Freedom” — bogdaniec on the one hand and Leonov with Miroshnichenko with another — a fight after a meeting of the agricultural Committee. Representatives of different political elites did not embrace the views of each other regarding the issue of land market in Ukraine, and then moved on to other arguments: a fist fight and test the bones to each other for strength.

The local victory managed to win a numerical majority, and the people’s Deputy Andrey bogdanets was taken to hospital with suspected concussion. His party colleagues who failed to “recapture” the Deputy during a scuffle, has appealed to the representatives of law enforcement bodies with the requirement to understand the situation and punish the guilty.

However, ordinary Ukrainians, the situation is more amused than aroused sympathy for the victim. In the network appeared apt photoshopped pics to prove it. In particular, one depicting the hero of the film “Golden calf” Shura Balaganov, who, instead of the phrase “Our beat” shouts “There is Svoboda, the servant of the people beat.” Internet users responded to this sarcastic comment. “Finally, the “Freedom” party is doing what she was elected during the time of Yanukovych”, “Decent people of different beliefs”, “Soon in all cities of Ukraine, Before Lyashko beat now Miroshnichenko. However, there is a whole godlo those who need a face massage,” wrote people under the post.

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