The EU is ready to stop the transit of gas through Ukraine

Poland has already expressed its willingness to halt transit of gas, and Slovakia is preparing for such a scenario 10 years.

Poland ready to halt the transit of Russian gas to the EU via Ukraine on January 1, 2020. This was stated in oil and gas company PGNIG, reports the online edition of the with reference to the Correspondent.

“In such a situation, domestic production, stocks in storage, and import capabilities, including through Belarus, give a total of 25.6 billion cubic meters of gas per year, with an expense of 19 billion”, — explained in the company.

Delivery may also be terminated on 18 may 2020, when the contract expires between Gazprom and pipeline operator in Poland EuRoPol Gaz transit of Russian gas to Western Europe via the gas pipeline Yamal-Europe.

“In case of power supply via the gas pipeline Yamal and reverse deliveries from Germany, the supply (of gas to Poland – ed.) will be at the level of 33.1 billion cubic meters per year. This volume will consist of the supply of Russian gas through Belarus and Ukraine, through the LNG terminal, supply of the EU by other means than via the Yamal national production and reserves”, — stated in the message.

PGNIG said that if gas transit stops and 1 January and 18 may, the possibility of gas supplies to Poland will amount to 28.6 billion cubic meters.

The company said that in 2019, the consumption of gas in Poland amount to about 19 billion cubic meters, including four billion cubic meters of its own production, nine billion cubic meters — purchased in Russia, and 3.5 billion purchased in the EU and $ 2.5 billion was purchased as LNG.

The Minister of economy of the Slovak Republic, Peter zhiga announced that the country is also preparing for the option of termination of gas transit through Ukraine from January 1, 2020. According to him, the termination of gas transit is quite plausible, as the current contract was awarded as a result of recent serious gas crisis.

“At the moment, so I see that we are closer to the crisis, that is, to ensure that Russia will stop supplying gas through Ukraine, and we will have to take all those measures that we all the last 10 years preparing. We must ensure gas supplies for families and businesses Slovakia,” — said jig.

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