Scientists have made an unexpected statement about alcohol

The scientists said the alcohol saved humanity.

Ability to metabolize alcohol saved man from extinction, reports the with reference to Browser.

To such conclusion scientists from the University of Exeter in the UK.

It is noted that about 10 million years ago various species of primates competed with each other for food and resources. And some groups ate unripe fruits, which were able to digest. This supposedly gave them an advantage over other apes.

At the same time overripe fruit body monkeys could not grasp is they have caused severe poisoning due to the presence of ethanol.

“However, at some point, there is adaptation, which gave human ancestors the ability to have such fruit,” the scientists said.

They recalled that the line separation of chimpanzees and humans occurred about 5.5 million years ago. This explains why some types of modern apes is also able to process alcohol.

Although, admit the researchers, the concentration of alcohol in fermented plant tissues is only 1-4 per cent – much lower than in many modern alcoholic beverages.

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