Paris because of the protests paralyzed the tube

The protest paralyzed traffic.

In France the third consecutive day of the ongoing strike of public transport workers. The protest paralyzed the traffic in Paris and other cities of the country, reports the with reference for Today.

The most difficult situation has developed in the Paris metro. Normally only two lines on which trains run without drivers. The movement is provided partly by four lines. The rest – about ten lines completely stopped.

As noted in the source, no more than a third of trams will be released at the Paris lines, mostly connecting the outskirts with the cities-satellites of the capital and play an important role in the transport system of the city. Paris bus lines will be released no more than 40% of the cars.

Interurban will serve the residents of only five hours, and on the line will be less than half of the compositions. The rest of the time its underground stations in Paris will be completely closed, while traffic on suburban areas in part will continue. Predict that in General the strike of transport workers in Paris will continue at least until the end of Monday.

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