Named easy way to get rid of cellulite

The actual problem for many women.

The most important criterion in getting rid of cellulite after weight loss is proper nutrition, reports the with reference to Browser.

Wrote about this on his page in Instagram known nutritionist Inna Ruff, describing an integrated approach to solve.

“The causes of cellulite can be very much, but the approach to getting rid of it – only complex! Where the most important criterion – the food! Adjustment start with the food! It is important to have 3 significant meals — Breakfast, lunch and dinner. The so-called “masonicinfo” definitely removed” she explained.

According to nutritionist, we need to forget about fried food, smoked and junk food, and to cook you need a couple in the oven. She advised to add in the diet more fresh fruits and vegetables.

“Sweets and alcohol should be minimized, and ideally eliminated. Further, it is important to connect the sport and body care. Regular exercise, especially in combination of cardio and strength. Body massage with a stiff brush, cold shower, regular exfoliation scrubs and the subsequent qualitative hydration. Excellent results gives the massage, especially the course and supported by all the listed points above,” added Ruffnut.

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