In Minsk sparked protests over Russia. Video

The shares began the collision.

In the capital of Belarus on Saturday, December 7, held a protest against integration with Russia. As can be seen from the broadcasts of Radio Liberty, the shares of the clashes, reports the with reference to the Correspondent.

It is noted that for a short time on the October square in Minsk gathered over a thousand people. The protesters wanted to climb the stairs of the Palace of the Republic, but they blocked the path of people in civilian clothes. They tolkali protesters and journalists, and became a cordon on the stairs.

Law enforcement in the form of a square there are only a few law enforcement officers in the forms. Megaphone protesters urged to disperse.

During the hustle with “people in mufti”, the activists chanted “shame” and “fascists”, “independence” and “live Belarus”.

After the collision, the protesters went to the stairs of the House of trade unions, which is located next to and “people in civilian clothes” ran with the crowd. So, the protesters began “to drive” disguised as servants of the stairs to the stairs.

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