The age of trains reached its peak — uz

Because of the deterioration of suburban transport, the number of fires in trains has increased two times.

Since the beginning of 2019, recorded six cases of fires in suburban rail transport. And that number has doubled this year. As transfers the Internet edition of the Chronicle.the info, reported by the Director of business development of Railways Andrey Ryazantsev for

“Since the beginning of the year recorded six such cases. All of this is a consequence of the fact that commuter rail Park at the peak of depreciation”, — he said.

According to him, diesel trains are worn by 92,4%, electric trains by 88.8%. The oldest diesel train built in 1967, a train in 1960.

“Even despite the fact that suburban rolling stock is being trained for flights to the depot, it is subject to ongoing and unscheduled repairs, failures in the nodes and fire equipment insures it’s not, because the state Park requires a global update, rather than “patching holes,” explained Danny.

He said that a need for immediate replacement of the existing fleet of electric trains, which operate 50 years or more years. “77 trains, 37 trains diesel trains,” said Ryazantsev and added that this requires of 36.12 billion.

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