Taped banana sold for $120 000

Is “a symbol of world trade”.

At the international exhibition sold a banana taped to the wall for 120 thousand dollars, reports the Chronicle.info with reference to the Correspondent.

At the art fair Art Basel Miami was submitted concept art called Comedian. Its author was Maurizio Cattelan, who explained the value of his work.

The artist worked on the piece for about a year. He was saying in the room a banana, to find inspiration. After a few ideas with various options, the author returned to the idea with a real banana.

The owner of the gallery who sold the concept, Emmanuel Perrotin told that the banana is “a symbol of world trade, the double meaning, as well as classic humor.”

Just sold two new Comedian — both for $120 000. It is expected that the third will go under the hammer for $150,000.

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