Xiaomi presented unusual powerbank

The device also works as a hand warmer.

Range of mobile battery ecosystem, Xiaomi with a new model Mao-Xin Retro Mobile Power, which also works as a hand warmer.

In addition, the device is stylized as a radio of the last century, reports the online edition of the Chronicle.info with reference to NV.

A hand warmer provides double-sided heating at a constant temperature of 52 degrees. As for the design, the device looks like a small retro radio, and the company claims that the casing is made of aluminum, which can quickly conduct heat.

As for security, Xiaomi claims that the device is manufactured using composite technology and combined with a fireproof ABS makes it safe and reliable.

On the device there are two buttons. The left button controls the power function of the mobile device, and also displays the remaining device power, and the right button for about three seconds activates the heating function and also displays the current temperature.

As soon as the function manual preheating is activated, the power supply quickly begins to heat up for five seconds and when it reaches 52 degrees, maintains a constant temperature, which is very useful in winter.

At the same time, it is quite a small battery, the battery capacity is only 5000 mAh. This can be useful for emergency charging, it is released with embedded security measures, such as the auto power off function and overcharge protection.

New powerbank is available in three color options — green, pink and red. It is available for purchase in China at a price of 138 yuan, which is around $20.

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