Ukraine still has to pay until the end of the year of about $ 600 million

In December, Ukraine needs to pay the foreign debt of only 1.7 billion, and approximately 13.6 billion.

Until the end of the year Ukraine should pay the 1.7 billion on external debts, and of 13.58 billion hryvnias in domestic debt. As transfers the Internet edition of the about this write Ukrainian news, citing data from the Ministry of Finance.

So, domestic debt of 13,58 billion hryvnia in service will be sent 5,58 billion hryvnia (equivalent to 5.55 billion hryvnia – to service government bonds).

The repayment is planned to spend 8 billion hryvnia, of which of 7.96 billion in redemption of bonds (of 3.98 billion hryvnia – currency government bonds).

On repayment of external debts of 1.7 billion hryvnia will be spent 1.05 billion, and on services is 0.65 billion.

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